Hi Jamie, as per your suggestion we have just sat down with a bottle of wine and played the slide show of the wedding. Wow, they are brilliant and finally Emma has shed a tear over the wedding! I tried on the day but couldn’t get that grin off her face!!! Thank you so much, we can’t wait to pass the details on to everybody and share the photos with them.

Favourite photo’s? Too many to say but the photo’s on Westminster Bridge and the moments you captured between Emma and her family in the morning and Emma and I are brilliant. It seems that everyday I look at other professionals images I learn a little more. You have captured the day perfectly for us, thank you again.

I hope the slippers and sofa are now well worn in and you feel you are starting to recover from a long summer!

Many thanks mate,

Nat and Em xx


The photos you took are so lovely, I had a proper tear yesterday! Not even the day did that to me! They tell the story of our day brilliantly, it brings back every joyful feeling looking at them and the composition of your pictures are just great. Your eye for detail and the way you look for different ways to shoot something is such a wonderful gift and one that I envy. Thank you.

Again, thank you so very much. You are a very talented man.

Em (and mr Taylor as he is now known in our house!!!!) xxx


I know this has turned into a bit of a Jamie Bott love in but thought I should let you know that my parents came over on Tues night and watched the slideshow with the brilliantly suggested glass (make that bottles) of wine and they were beside themselves. Solid tears for two and a half hours. They are so excited by them and my mum just relived the whole day. Your storytelling is superlative and joy radiates from every image. They were so nervous about the photography not being formal but now just cannot believe how right and brilliant they are. My father thinks you are a genius and I can see how proud he is of us finding such a great photographer to document the day and going with what we knew would capture our day and more.

You have made the family so happy. Thank you. Now I get to do it all again with my sister tonight and yet another bottle of wine! Let’s see if she can beat mums record of tears
actually falling by the third photo!

I will let you know when the stuff arrives in my hands.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Em & Nat xx


Hi Jamie

Hope you had a good holiday (very well deserved after a summer of back to back weddings!). We are back in Blighty now and just wanted to write to say how brilliant the photos are. They are simply perfect! We were just quickly checking our emails out in Costa Rica to confirm the next place we were moving on to before we were planning to head out for the afternoon to go to a chocolate cafe – instead we ended up sitting in the little internet shack for two hours looking through all the photos (twice!). You were absolutely fantastic on the day, just getting on with things without us realising that you were there too much and you managed to capture some amazing moments. I sent around a link through to your blog post and to share a couple of the comments we have had from people with you “Oh my goodness, I’m speechless. Absolutely incredible photos!” and “I love the photos! That photographer you had is pretty special”. They really capture the fun of the day.

I’ve sent round the link to the full set of photos to the lady who made my wedding dress (I know she is keen to get some photos for her website), the hair and make up lady, the florists and both venues. I wasn’t sure how they went about using any photos if they wanted to so told them to email you directly to discuss it.

Thank you so much once again – you were absolutely brilliant, the photos are amazing and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone in the future.

Amy and Alex



Hello Jamie

I’m so sorry we didn’t reply to you yesterday – we got your email and went straight to look at the photos, completely forgetting to thank you!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you. The photos are just gorgeous – everything looks so stylish!




I would like to add my thanks to you also mate.

Firstly on the day you were fantastic in the way you handled yourself and the way you made us feel. On top of that I was always re assured when I could you see you smiling away, which helped me heaps to get through the day.

You were just a lot of fun to have around mate, great banter the whole day, especially during the morning session were I lost the plot for half an hour. The photos you have produced are mind blowing, your work is simply stunning mate. You have made an amazing documentary of the day for us.

We have become it seems, quite a collector of your works now, as a couple of our friends gave us another of you art pieces for a wedding present. The photo of the road down to Saunton beach.

Again mate many thanks for you effort during the whole day, you have made many people very happy, we certainly plan to say in touch with you..

Best Regards



Hi Jamie,

Wow… you have honestly taken our breath away. We can’t tell you how pleased we are with your photos. They have captured every moment of the day so perfectly and make it such a lovely lovely experience to look back at. We knew you’d be good but these surpass our expectations! The style and eye you have is an extraordinary talent and more than we could ever have dreamed of.

Thank you so much Jamie, you worked so hard all day and were an absolute joy to have around.

See you at Ivan and Gemma’s wedding in October.

Mr and Mrs Green!



They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy, thank you so much.

We cannot thank you enough, we are really pleased.




As my wife (will never get tired of saying that!) has already said, thank
you very much for the great pics and for being such good fun to be around
on the big day! You brought a really laid back influence to the day while
keeping focused on trying to make me look good and not spoil the bride’s
pictures! πŸ˜‰

Look forward to seeing the prints



Dear Jamie

Thank you so much for the link – we’re sat outside, by the pool, sipping champagne and still enjoying beautiful weather, even at 11 at night, and looking through the slideshow. We’ve laughed, grimaced, counted our chins (!) and reminisced but above all thoroughly enjoyed every single shot of our wonderful, wonderful wedding day.

Thank you so much for being part of it – we can’t tell you how many compliments we received about you!

We’ll forward the link to everyone when we get back on Saturday, in the meantime can you please send the prints through to work so that I can sign for them? I’ll unfortunately be back at work on Monday…

Thanks again Jamie, we’ll be back in touch when we’re back at home.

Best regards
Karen and Mark



Hi Jamie!

Thanks for the photos….we love them! So great to get back from the honeymoon and have them waiting for us. Had an amazing day and holiday and so grateful for you part in it. Feels like we were there again when looking through the pictures.

Thanks again Jamie and look forward to seeing the prints and draft of the album.

Jo and Paul x


Hi Jamie,

Apologies for not responding sooner but it has been hectic returning to work….and depressing.

I know Jo has thanked you on behalf of us both but I also wanted to say a massive thank you personally. We were hugely delighted and impressed with the quality of your work. They really captured the day so perfectly, so much so, that the slideshow stirred a few emotions with Jo. We both found you to be so unobtrusive but were aware (also from other people) that you worked tirelessly throughout the day. I’m also grateful for your supportive words to Jo when nerves were high in the morning and to us both later in the afternoon.

We have yet to share the photos as Jo wished to view them with her parents first this weekend but I’m confident everyone’s reaction will be the same as ours.

Again very grateful for the pics. Look forward to seeing print etc.




Hi Jamie,

My new wife and I got back from our amazing honeymoon on Sunday evening and went straight into work yesterday but we did make time to look at all the photos last night and they are amazing. Looking at each one brought back great memories of what was an unbelievable day.

We are both so pleased that you were involved and also really impressed with the way you interacted with ourselves and all of our guests. There were a lot of positive comments relating to how you went about taking photos and also how unimposing you were so thank you so much for that.

Speak to you soon.

Best wishes



We’ve just got back from California, and before I’ve even unpacked, I have been through the photos, and to say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement. Thank you a million times over… they are absolutely fantastic and such a perfect memory of our day. We are so pleased that you were able to spend the day recording our day for us – I really don’t think we could have chosen a better person or photographer, and your ability to mingle and make everyone feel at ease is a genuinely natural skill.

If you ever need any testimonials or anything like that for your website or other form of advertising, please feel free to ask us – we would be delighted to provide it.

Best wishes.

Mel & Ian

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